Past Presidents

1945 * Joe Longley HM

1946 * Ken Phillips HM

1947 * Don Johnstone

1948 * Frank Dawe

1949 * Eton Butcher

1950 * Garnet Chapman HM

1951 * Bill Smeaton

1952 Lou Channel

1953 *Dick Rogers

1954 *George Burgman HM

1955 *Charles Wray

1956  *Roy Tranter

1957 *James Sim HM

1958 *Don Copeland

1959 *Carl Smelsky

1960 *George Oswald HM

1961 Bill Simpson

1962 *Bert Mewha

1963 *Russ Clarke

1964 *Murray Wertman

1965 *Ray Goodine

1966 *Ken Carroll

1967 Bernie Blackstien

1968 Carl Osadetz

1969 Wayne Tester

1970 *Steve Hegedus

1971 *Fred Hebert

1972 *Paul Bates

1973 *Ross Sheppard

1974  *George Little

1975 Alex Bondarchuk

1976 Joe Telesnicki

1977 *Fred Tortorella HM

1978 *John Marotta

1979 Jim Miles

1980 John Doucet


1981 Dave Bergen

1982 Day Hannah

1983 Paul Coyne

1984 Jim Jeffs

1985 Glyn Thomas

1986 Dean Kanas

1987 Brad Black

1988 Mark Leonard

1989 Ron Markulin

1990 Ron Yarasavitch

1991 Frank Korody

1992 John McKenzie

1993 Kevin Sinclair

1994 John Thompson

1995 Matt Taylor

1996 Ches MacNeil

1997 Karl Gravitis

1998 Wayne Little

1999 Sante Aceti

2000 Charles Daly

2001 Charles Consky

2002 John Ciocca

2003 Stewart Wilson

2004 Mark Zammit

2005 Frank Bojcic

2006 Steve Silverman

2007 Ravi Kumar

2008 Tony Mancuso

2009 John Perri

2010 Neeraj Pershad

2011 Kevin Boyce

2012 Daryl Smith

2013 Mohamad Salame

2014 Sara Chirico

2015 Rob Riley

2016 Jeremy Molon

2017 Danial Moldovan


Current Honorary Members

Bill Tytaneck

Ivan Hrabowsky

Jim Jeffs

John Thompson


 * Deceased
HM - Honorary

History of the NPDA

The Niagara Peninsula Dental Association can be traced back to its inception in 1945. Historical records indicate that when the late Dr. Joe Longley of St. Catharines was made an Honorary Member of the N.P.D.A. it was recorded that he was the founding president. The N.P.D.A. bell confirms Dr. Longley as the first president. The late Dr. Ken Phillips was his successor and both Drs. Longley and Phillips are Honorary Members of the association. Dr. Lou Channel, who was president in 1952, is the senior living Past President. Of the 54 Presidents, 40 still survive and 27 remain in dental practice in the Niagara Peninsula. Dr. Bill Tytaneck, an Honorary Member who went on to practice medicine after a successful career in dentistry, recalls that he was the 18th dentist member in the N.P.D.A when he joined in the late 1940s. He reminds us that, at that time, the fee for a crown or cap was $25.00 and the price of a silver filling was $3.00. The first year N.P.D.A. events and meetings were recorded was in 1949. The first annual Golf Tournament took place Lookout Point Golf Club on June 1 of that year with the late Dr. Ken Phillips scoring a very respectable 75 on the demanding layout. On October 7, 1949 seventy-five members and spouses attended Ladies Night at the Rathfon Inn in Port Colborne where the late Dr. W. A. Potter was congratulated upon his appointment as the President of the Ontario Urban School Trustees Association. The late Dr. Aubrey Crich, a well known oral surgeon and later photographer, gave a talk on November 11 at the Village Inn in Grimsby on his methods for controlling hemorrhage and treating dry sockets. He also presented many slides of interesting surgical cases. The last meeting of 1949 was held in December at the Leonard Hotel where the late Dr. Eton Butcher, president, appointed new committees for the following year. In 1950 there were several notable events.


The March meeting saw Dr. Robert G. Kesel of the University of Illinois speak on "Ammoniated Dentifrices". In November, the Association increased its annual fees by 33% from $15.00 to $20.00. Dr. Hal Shaver felt that the new members were not well acquainted with each other and recommended that name tags be provided for all members at meetings – this practice is still in effect today. There were many other interesting occurrences in those early years. Dr. Don Moore spoke at the September 24, 1954 meeting at the Esquire Hotel on "Psychosomatic Rest and Sleep as it is applied to dentistry". Sixty-eight dentists attending the meeting promptly fell asleep! Dr. Moore agreed to give a two day course in "hypno-dontia" for a fee of $40.00 per person. December 16, 1955 was the first "home brew clinic night" where Dr. Bill Simpson spoke on children's dentistry, Dr. Ted Walker on caps & bridges, and Dr. Bert Jarvis on braces. At that meeting there was no "home brewing" of beer but a turkey draw was arranged and the proceeds donated the Children's Aid Society.


Today the N.P.D.A. has a minimum of six meetings/lectures annually with a total membership exceeding 150 dentists, several of whom are female. There are 18 specialists in the association spanning a wide variety of dental services. We remain a non-profit organization with an annual membership fee of $300.00. Many thanks to Dr. Ivan Hrabowsky for providing the historical information.

The Niagara Peninsula Dental Association

Serving Dental Professionals Since 1945