Inflammation 911:the Mouth-Body-Mind Connection!


October 20, 2023



Meeting: 8:00am-2:00pm
Breakfast and Lunch Included


White Oaks Resort & Spa
253 Taylor Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Course Description:

Want to learn about “permanent lifestyle change” and SLASH your patients’ disease risk? And its relationship with healing after surgery. There is an avalanche of evidence demonstrating the connection between your patients’ mouths with modern lifestyle habits: lack of sleep (saps their discipline), shift work (after 4 night-shifts blood sugar is elevated), poorly managed stress (shows up in every cell of their body), overeating (high fat & processed food boosts inflammation), and sedentary living (did you know “Sitting is the New Smoking?”). And it’s bi-directional; the oral environment has far reaching effects on the rest of the body.

Patients appreciate the dental health professional who sees the bigger picture and truly understands the relationship between the body, mind & mouth. Set yourself apart from the pack and develop a VALUE-ADDED PRACTICE. Stop the deadly “rock n roll” cascade with specific dental & lifestyle solutions guaranteed to change your patient’s health destiny. This fact filled & inspirational program is a ‘call to arms’ against inflammation – “let’s douse the flames!”

Learning Objectives:

  1. Expand your knowledge of the BODY-MOUTH connection
    2. Understand why certain patients do not respond well to your hygiene programs, extractions & implant placement.
    3. Learn how periodontitis increases the odds of someone developing insulin resistance two-fold.
    4. Recognize the destructive INFLAMMATORY CASCADE in your patients.
    5. See that insurance companies are beginning to recognize the power of enhanced dental coverage to lower hospital costs & decrease MD visits for their diabetic patients
    6. Make the connection between diabetes, insulin resistance, & chronic inflammation
    7. Learn how to spot the SLEEP DEPRIVED PATIENT. Hint, 30% of Americans are shift workers and are living in a “jet lag” state.
    8. Discover how visceral fat behaves like an active organ releasing inflammatory cytokines causing havoc throughout the entire body & oral tissues.
    9. Spot how stress shows up in your patient’s mouth
    10. Develop a VALUE-ADDED PRACTICE inspire patients to become RAVING FANS!
    11. Understand how chronic dehydration adversely influences your patient’s biochemistry
    12. Calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) easily for yourself or your patient


Please let NPDA know if you have any allergies and require any special meal arrangements.

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